2 Replies to “Eight is enough…”

  1. Oh my gosh alright. Olive it looks like you had a fabulous time and I just love the photos. Im running out of space on my desk area to put them. Love you lots and lots and ofcourse Edie too! Hope you enjoyed the champagne Mum and Dad – label noted. Love Auntie Jen xxxx

    1. Wow-ee what a cake and a gaggle of girls – hope you had a splendid day together. Thanae is most impressed.
      Puerto Rico over Easter oo la la! I am just wondering at this very moment , sitting at our breakfast table on a Blue sky London morning what you are up to! (Maybe flying…). We will be baking up a storm (of the messy kind – poor Dad), over Easter – Easter egg shaped iced biscuits; cheesy farmyard biscuits, buttermilk pancakes… Not quite sure we have enough mouths, nor patience to serve as testimony to re-creating your minted magic egg cake!! No less four days of home holiday fun. (And raising the shareprice of Tesco!).
      Much love to all and Happy Easter xx Jacinta, Vasili & Thanae

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