Ice Ice Baby

We made it back safely to icy cold Virginia. As always, New Zealand, our family and friends, were hard to leave, and for the first time in all our comings and goings, Olive was very upset to be leaving 😦 Expat life has so many wonderful opportunities but also lots of challenges, of which the goodbyes would be the biggest!

So trying not to wallow in the post-holiday blues, we braved the cold on Sunday and made the short drive south east to Manassas. We’d heard about a skating rink housed in an outdoor pavilion – sounded like just the thing to lift our spirits.

We were the first to arrive and for a while had the rink all to ourselves.
We were the first to arrive and for a while had the rink all to ourselves.
Frosty the snowman was waiting for us.
Frosty the snowman was waiting for us.

This was our third attempt at ice skating and for Edie her first time going solo. It was heaps of fun and we enjoyed watching all the ‘professional’ skaters who turned up with their own skates. Very impressive.

Skater girls.
Skater girls.
Look at me go!
Look at me go!
Ice princess.
Ice princess.

So now it is back to reality and routine. The girls made it back to school for one day and then it was cancelled due to the extreme cold! Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.

Thanks to all our family and friends for their hospitality and love. The fact that leaving is so difficult is a testament to all the wonderful relationships we have in New Zealand so in a funny way it’s positive too – well, that’s how I’m going to look at it!

Happy new year everyone! Wishing you a great year ahead!

4 Replies to “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. Do we have another Torvil l & Dean in the making. Wow you girls look like you are having so much fun skating, We are glad you are back safe and sound,
    and Grannie just logs on to Mum’s photos of your time here to see you all.
    we did have lots of fun, and you girls had a great time with your cuzzies.
    Keep warm.
    Love Grannie

  2. Wow Chrissy you are so brave. I remember ice skating for the first time. I was wearing my mum’s skates size 39 as I was 12 a bit too young to go on the ice alone but too old for my mum to be able to follow me. The ice rink was a river you could go on with adult support or from 16 y/o onwards. My feet at the time were only a size 35. I remember I didn’t fall and was actually very good at it. Unfortunately I never got to do it again until I was about 24 years old. Let me tell you I wasn’t that confident anymore (read grandma holding the side the whole time) and I also couldn’t remember those rented skated hurt since last time I wore some they were 4 sizes too big πŸ™‚ So you keep that confidence up Chrissy. Warm Hugs from Belgium to all of you. If it gets too cold outside (like I told Megan’s parents) put some snow in the tub and the girl can still play with it!

    1. It’s funny that as we get older things definitely seem more scary. I wasn’t going too fast and there was also lots of side holding, Richard was a bit of a whizz πŸ™‚ Snow in the tub sounds like a blast!!

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