Spooky Sunday

Richard spent much of Sunday playing with his new mountain biking mates, so the girls and I indulged in a little playing of our own. We spent the morning driving around Winchester capturing some of the Halloween props, decorations and displays that have been popping up all over the city.

Here’s a wee taste for you…if you click on the photo you will see a bigger version…





Olive and Edie are very excited about Halloween this Thursday – but are even more excited about what we are going to be doing on Friday. Exactly three years ago this Friday we left New Zealand on the start of our big overseas adventure. We broke the journey to Belgium with a stop in Hong Kong where we visited Disneyland. So on Friday history is going to repeat itself somewhat – we are heading to Orlando, Florida…home of…Disneyworld! Say tuned for much Micky Mouse madness!!

One Reply to “Spooky Sunday”

  1. Awesome pics honey = the girls had a great time and were very excited when I got home (and got to carve two more pumpkins) – thanks also for letting me go play with my ‘mates’

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