I received an email earlier this week from a dear friend in New Zealand. I’m sure she won’t mind me revealing these details – the subject line read “Where are you?” and the first six words of the message read “Dear Chrissy, I’m missing your blogs”.

It’s been about four weeks since I’ve written and yes I’ve been busy with the girls being home from school but I’ve also been struggling a bit…I’ve been “missing”.  Missing my family; missing New Zealand; missing Antwerp; missing my friends in New Zealand and Belgium; and missing who I was before I became a parent.

At times like this I tend to retreat from the keyboard, perhaps not wanting to shatter the illusion of the super exciting expat life. Don’t get me wrong. there are so many wonderful things about this life we are living but there are also times when, simply put, it sucks!

My friend’s lovely email was a good reminder of what is to me the best thing about writing the blog – how it keeps me connected to all those people that I miss. I get a great deal out of writing these posts, but the email reminded me that my readers get something out of it too.

So unfortunately I don’t have a post all about our week at the beach in South Carolina…but if you click on the link to my Flickr photos you will find lots of pics – all with captions.

And here’s a sneak peek at my new project about which I promise to write more soon…

reading picture bookschildren's picure booksbooks_artisttoartist


Take care everyone. Sending lots of love xxx

6 Replies to “Missing”

  1. Dear Christine: I was missing you and your family and wondering which new adventures you were enjoying together. I understand how you feel. It is normal. Yes, the blogs can help you as well and any other new means of communication. Receive a big hug from Ms Olga, who is visiting Dubrovnik 🙂 greetings to the girls and your husband. Tot ziens!

      1. Hi, Christine! We have been enjoying warm and sunny weather here in Dubrovnik, every day 30*C🌞or more. It is a wonderful small city, not only because of the old and charming buildings. You can feel something very special here through it’s amazing history and kind people. It surely has robbed my heart. We arrived around dinner time the 1st day, so we were not able to see much. We are staying at a small guest house and the hostess is a very nice woman. On Friday we visited several monuments in the Old City and yesterday we went to Lokrum island. Beautiful! We just arrived from Mass and taking a rest since the weather is VERY warm. We still want to see the rest of the religious buildings, walk the City Wall, go on the cable car and maybe to Copacabana beach during these days. There is always space for surprises. Any suggestions? I think a lot of you and your family when walking around. On Friday I saw a family with two little girls and they made me think so much of Olive and Edie. Greetings and hugs for all of you. 💐

      2. Hi Ms Olga – we can definitely recommend the cable car – such an amazing view and a nice cafe at the top. So pleased you are having a great trip. We spent a lot of time at the beach too.

  2. Chrissy. I loved your honesty in this blog post. While you are having some amazing adventures in fantastic places, I totally get how at times it can also be really tough. Good on you for sharing and being so open and honest. Keep the blogs up too – you are great writer! xx

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