Ok todays unofficial guest blogger – actually crashing Chrissy’s blog – is her husband!
I figured seeing as she had such a generous PDA ( public display of affection) come my birthday, it was only fair that I should post on her birthday.
I can happily report that we have just had a fabulous weekend, which I expect Chrissy will have blogged on by the time I get this up.,and indeed I will leave it to Chrissy to describe the Weekend , though the highlight was indeed her getting underway as a skier and now owning more ski pants than I do!

What I hope to do here is confirm what many of you know, many others will have suspected and others like me will have felt it almost from the first meeting.

There’s something about Chrissy.

Fortunately, not exactly from when we first met, but more particularly from when we first met and something was possible we recognized in each other an amazing and implausible possibility, which 8 years later we continue to bring to life. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I thought Chrissy was beautiful when we first met and without a doubt I can confirm she is.

In my 1st draft I had a very long list of attributes, I then decided I didn’t need to illuminate anyone. Her family, her friends and her casual acquaintances will all know and understand what I mean.

What I have learnt most from Chrissy is that it is not sufficient to understand someone, you must both understand and accept.

If you think you understand and yet don’t accept the person as they are, you only invite constant disappointment – the picture in your mind never matches the reality before you,and each becomes disillusioned with the other.

To accept someone you do understand is to embrace all that they are and be there when they feel a little less and be there also when they want to be a little more. To accept that their imperfections makes them who they are as much as their ‘perfections’. To enjoy the constantly evolving picture. To be patient, to always see the light and not simply let it flicker but to always believe and encourage that it burns warmly within.

I assure you all I am a constant work in progress and Chrissy has been there for me always. We accept each other fully for who we are – I couldn’t ask for more.

So here is to Chrissy, a great big happy birthday and a special wish.

May all your dreams come true, as they will – everything is possible, and you’ve shown that, may your glow continue to warm you and those around you.

Edie and Olive love you completely…and more than anything I love it when you smile


8 Replies to “Gatecrasher”

  1. Richard….what you have written about Chrissy has made me cry. It’s beautiful. I am so stunned that you are able to so simply and profoundly share how you feel about Chrissy. You have blown me away.

    I have many quotes that I keep in a book. Quotes that I pick up along the way from novels, poetry, newspapers – wherever I find them. Here is one that I think you may like…..Life is the first gift, love is the second, understanding is the third.

    Love to you all


  2. Oh, Mr Croad! What a lovely present for our dear Christine! I am sure that she will cry of happiness and gratefulness when she reads it 🙂 I am truly honoured to have know your family the year you were in Da Vinci and I am glad that we can keep in contact. I hope Christine enjoys a wonderful birthday full of health, laughter, joy, love and happiness. Happy birthday, Christine!!!

  3. Lovely tribute Richard. Being her Mum I was first aware of her as she grew in my womb and met her face to face that Friday evening in Bethany Hospital 41 years ago. Daughter number two whom we named
    Christina Ann, Christina after my much loved sister and Ann after St. Ann who was our Lady’s mother. The old rhyme goes “Friday’s child is loving and giviing”
    and she sure is that her husband and family show it in bucketfuls.
    Have a happy year.
    Love Mum

  4. Only two things to say about this …
    First off all aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww ❤ love is so beautiful.
    Second … thanks for the words about how understanding is not enough. Couldn't have said it better myself and I must say I do know this but don't always think about this when I should. Don't think it will get easier in time, but I am still young and I do believe you have to grow into 'accepting' one step at a time, which is exactly what I am doing.
    Olive and Edie are very lucky to have parents like you to teach them these valuable lessons.

    Chrissy or as we call you Mrs Croad Happy Birthday! I was going to say I hope all your wishes come true but what is more important.. I hope you will have many more years to come to enjoy the biggest gift in life… your wonderful loving family.

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