On Monday night we wrapped up warm and headed into town to watch the Winchester Christmas Parade. One of the great advantages of living in a much smaller city is you can turn up to something like a big parade ten minutes before kick off, and still find a great place from which to view the action.

Stylish but warm outfits – check. Fashion model pose – check. Strange boy looking at us – check.

We weren’t quite sure what to expect – after watching the spectacle that is theย Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade I had to lower the girl’s expectations somewhat.

The start of the parade. Definite lack of enormous floating balloons a la Macy’s.

One of the key parts of the parade were the marching bands from the city and county Middle and High schools. The marching band is not something that’s done in New Zealand schools so it was a great new experience for us. I for one loved seeing rows and rows of children and young adults streaming past, all in command of their instruments. There was a real sense of pride and spirit.

The band uniforms were quite something too.

Although we have only been here just short of two months, Olive and Edie have already developed a fierce pride for their future schools – Daniel Morgan Middle School and John Handley High School. Whenever we drive past the schools, especially the high school, there is always pointing and commenting. They were very excited recently to go and watch a show at the high school and when they meet someone new they always want to know where they go to school. If its DMMS or JHHS then they are ok ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems that if Olive and Edie have their way, we will be living here for the next fourteen years!!

The band from “our” high school.
“Our” middle school band – perfect Christmas colours.
Many of the bands were preceded by some very impressive flag twirling.

Along with the marching bands there were scout groups, volunteer fire brigades, the Winchester City pipe band, 4H clubs, church groups, beauty queens…even a BMX club.

Needless to say Olive and Edie were impressed with the tiaras.
BMX Bandits!

Of course no Christmas Parade would be complete without that jolly big guy in the red suit…

unfortunately he just wouldn’t look at us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The parade was a real reflection of the community and what is important to it, and we loved every minute of it. And it was just the start of a whole host of activities, concerts, house tours, Nativity plays etc. etc. that one can partake of in Winchester as we get close to Christmas. I forsee a great deal of photography and typing in my near future!

PS Richard has just come home from his run and reports that the light displays are growing exponentially around the neighbourhood. He has promised to go out one night and get some photos – I will endeavour to hold him to that ๐Ÿ™‚

One Reply to “Parade”

  1. One can almost hear that rending “76 Trombones” from the stage show “THe Music Man, wow all that live music. Really fascinated to see the Admiral Byrd
    Middle School……….wow we have a connection there with the Byrd Memorial in Wellington., presumes its the same man ? Girls look so at home.
    Keep the pics coming.

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