’tis the season

When we moved to the United States, I was well aware that we were in for a great deal of changes and new experiences. One of the more pressing was the inevitable raising of the bar when it comes to Christmas decor – both inside and outside the house.

It seemed that the Thanksgiving dishes had barely been cleared away and the Christmas decorations started to appear. Our first inkling of just how impressive things get around here was Olive shrieking just as it began to grow dark on Friday evening. She hadn’t fallen, had a fright or been harassed by her sister…no…she had just noticed the Christmas lights that had appeared on one of the houses across the street. Gulp! It was another one of those “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” moments.

Every day something new has appeared and it’s not just happening in our street. All over town an array of lights, wreaths, ribbons, garlands and beloved Christmas characters are making their appearance on windows, doors, front lawns…even letterboxes.

From stately and grand (not to mention enormous!)…
to comic and fun.

To appease the girls, we have added a modest array of twinkly lights to some of our bushes. Although if I am being completely honest, I’m pretty happy to have them there! I always knew a US Christmas was going to be so much more visually than what we experienced in New Zealand and in Belgium and I’m just going to climb on and enjoy the ride. Driving into town tonight to watch the Winchester Christmas Parade – blog to follow in a couple of days – Richard narrowly missed hitting parked cars several times as our gazes were drawn to the most dazzling adornments on many of the houses. And this is only the beginning!

I’m going to try and get some more photos but getting back behind the wheel of a car does hamper one’s photographic moments. I do miss the ease at which I could pedal along, stop my bike and whip out my camera. Sigh!

You may have noticed that I’ve been tinkering with the look and layout of my blog. I hope you like it. I took the picture of the sign post pointing to America when we visited the Frontier Culture Museum some weeks back, and I knew it had to be a part of the blog. I’ve also updated a couple of the sections under the Read tab and I’ve finally posted something under the Make tab.

Take care everyone and a very special Happy Birthday to my nephew Matthew. Have a great day – we miss you xxx

5 Replies to “’tis the season”

  1. Love this Blog and the new look… keep it up… Makes me smile to see USA through your eyes. Enjoy all of it, Christmas is my family’s most loved time of the year..taking Derek to Panto this Sunday..Ho Ho Ho

    1. Hi Aunty Chris. Glad you like the new look. Have to admit we are all enjoying the run up to Christmas here. So many events happening in Winchester – plus a carolling party in our own street – they really go to town here! Enjoy the pantomime and thanks for reading xxx

  2. Just loved the pics of my smartly dressed granddaughters about to eat their first Thanksgiving meal……..not to mention their Mum (lovely as ever) Now we have the new look format. Well Chris you will need to definitely keep up the kiwi end
    and decorate the house. exterior ……Draw inspiration from the house you went to see when you were here, of course being kiwis encouragement was given for a small donation which would go to charity……….think this idea would go down in Heth Place?? I am sure you can come up with something different, remember the Jesse Tree we used to have, maybe girls will enjoy creating the
    true meaning of Christmas. B oy you sure are having a ball, soak it up.
    Love Mum

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