Air and Space

If you read any of the posts about our trip to New York City on my previous blog, you will remember how much the girls wanted to visit the Museum of Natural History. Not out of any great educational or scientific desire – no it’s because that’s where the movie Night At the Museum takes place! You may also know that there is a second Night At The Museum film, and this time the action moves to The Smithsonian – a cluster of nineteen museums and a zoo which can all be found in Washington DC. In fact when we broached the subject of moving to the United States with the girls, one of our big selling points was that we would be living not too far from the place to which Larry Daley ventures to save his friends from the New York Museum – confused yet?!

Larry’s trusty sidekick in the sequel is none other than acclaimed aviatrix Amelia Earhart, and during the film she and Larry head to the Air and Space Museum, home to the bright red Lockheed Vega 5B, which was flown by Earhart across the Atlantic in 1932. Last week Edie watched the second Night at the Museum DVD at least twice, so when we discussed making a trip into DC to visit one of the Smithsonian museums, there was only one option – “we have to go to the Air and Space Museum and see Amelia’s plane!”

In honour of the brave and dashing Amelia Earhart, us girls donned tight trousers, boots, scarves and leather jackets – the only things we were missing were flying goggles. Once we reached the Air and Space Museum we headed straight for the big red plane.

New Zealand branch of the Ameila Earhart fan club!

The Air and Space Museum holds the largest collection of historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world, and almost all of the craft on display are the originals. We spent a very enjoyable few hours wandering the halls, watching a 3D movie about the Hubble Telescope and having fun with many of the hands on activities.

The French hot air balloon which was the first to carry people up into the air in 1783.
Found some flying goggles!
Interior view of the museum.
Not quite flying goggles but they’ll do for a 3D film.
Suit worn by first female astronaut, Sally Ride.
We had a bit of a laugh when we came across these! It’s a Skyhawk as used by the NZ Airforce and, even funnier, their first year of manufacture was 1959 – same year as my bon homme Richard was born 🙂

We are very lucky to live close to DC and over the coming weeks and months we’ll be making more trips into the city to explore the other fifteen Smithsonian museums and the countless other sights, sounds and experiences on offer in the nation’s capital. I’ve subscribed to a blog called Kid Friendly DC and am already overwhelmed at the huge array of things there are to do with children.  And all great blog material too!

If you want to check out more images from our day at the Air and Space Museum, head on over to my Flickr page.

This week is a very important one in the United States. On Thursday Thanksgiving will be celebrated and our neighbours have very kindly invited us to join in their celebrations. It’s a time to focus on being thankful, and right now I am very thankful for the opportunity to have all these wonderful experiences and the opportunity to share them with you.

Take care everyone and stay tuned for a report of the first Croad Thanksgiving xxx

6 Replies to “Air and Space”

  1. Dear Christine,

    Again thanks for sharing so many wonderful experiences. I am so glad you have started enjoying the Smithsonian Museums. I had the chance to see only these two about… hum, hum… almost 30 years ago when I participated in a Special Education International Congress. It was our free day during a lovely spring day. I did not know there were fifteen museums! Boy, I would need at least two weeks to enjoy them and also the rest of D.C. I am not sure if the National Geographic museum is still in D.C. I only saw a bit of it and I do recall the small reproduction of The Sistine Chapel.

    In advance I wish you and your family a very special Thanksgiving celebration together with your neighbours. May it be one to cherish and keep in your hearts for ever. By the way, I think the girls might like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 😉

    Hugs for you all. 🙂

    1. Hi Mrs Olga. Thanks for your comments and yes we have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have been reading about the National Geographic Museum and its definitely one of the next ones I want to get to. Hope you are well.

  2. Chris
    I just love the
    fashionistas a la Amelia Earhart, what an exciting trip. !! What amazing adventures you all are having,
    keep them up as I certainly feel like through your words and pics that I am also on the journey.
    New Zealand of course had their own Amelia, i.e.Jean Batten, who was a chic dresser too.
    We may not have the Smithsonian but hey girls what about a belching volcano…….Yes Tongariro is letting us know of its presence nothing too dramatic so far. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving.
    Love Mum

    1. Hi Tom. Yes I agree that Amelia’s plane does look like the one on Tintin. There are so many wonderful museums here that you would love. I really hope that you can come and visit us xxx

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